Top Hollywood Celebrity Websites Hacked and Defaced Btcardsu, dumps-shopru

Top Hollywood Celebrity Websites Hacked and Defaced
Top Hollywood stars official websites have been hacked. On March 8, 2014 the hacker known as, Ethical Spectrum, opened cyber war on official celebrity websites. Over 19 official top star websites were hacked and defaced. Of the 19 hacked sites include,
After the initial hacking and website owners cleanup, the hacker defaced a portion of the top celebrity pages once again. Once sites had been hacked numerous times, the site administrators put them into maintenance mode. Hacked sites read
>> HACKED << >> for more security << To gain access to the vast number of celebrity sites, Ethical Spectrum had approached the service provider to secure these very websites for a fee. The company who operates all of these sites, ground(ctrl), denied the offer. As the offer was denied Ethical Spectrum opened up the unsecured websites, and proceeded to defaced them. After the multiple cyber attacks Ethical Spectrum left on celebrity sites, he then proceeded to hack ground(ctrl)‘s official website.  While ground(ctrl)’s official website had been hacked and defaced, hacker left the CEO’s email, along with a picture of the CEO on the homepage. And to finish off the hacking, Ethical Spectrum also hacked into Ground(ctrl)’s official business PayPal. The hacker has noted that all websites databases from,, and the many others, are for sale. Containing over 2.5 million credentials of usernames and passwords. As the hacked celebrity website list continuously grows, this could be the biggest celebrity hacking of all time. Celebrity website defacement mirror: Ground(ctrl) website defacement mirror: Ethical Spectrum’s hacking mirrors: Btcardsu dumps-shopru

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