Millions of Pornhub users targeted by hackers in year-long cyber attack cardhouseto, cardhousecc

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Hackers have hijacked advertising on adult site Pornhub to infect “millions” of users with malware, cyber security experts claim.
New research by Proofpoint claims to have uncovered a large scale attack known as malvertising, which presented fake adverts for web browser updates to visitors to the site.
The cybersecurity firm said the attack was active for more than a year and exposed “millions of potential victims in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia”, but has since been shut down by Pornhub.
The hack was carried out by a group known as KovCoreG, Proofpoint said, who hoped to infect users with an ad fraud malware known as Kovter.
This type of malicious software is traditionally used as a form of online advertising fraud to generate money through clicks on fake adverts.
In some cases a “clickbot” is installed which then requests and interacts with random adverts online.
In the case of Pornhub, Proofpoint said users were shown fake adverts urging them to click to download a new version or Flash update to their web browser – but would instead infect their computers.
Pornhub has not commented on the incident.
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