Anonymous promises ‘total war’ on ISIS over Brussels attack feshop-accme, cvv-runet

Hacker group Anonymous has declared “total war” against the Islamic State group following Tuesday’s deadly terror attack in Brussels.
In a video released this week, Anonymous vowed to ramp up its efforts to silence the terrorist organization by hacking their websites and shutting down their social media accounts using the hashtag #OPBrussels.
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The hacker collective has been targeting ISIS fighters since early 2015, following an attack on satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The group promised even more aggressive action against terrorists after they killed 130 people in the city in November.
“Our freedom is once again under attack, this cannot continue,” said the masked figure in the video. “We will not rest as terrorists continue their actions around the world.”
The video claims Anonymous has silenced thousands of Twitter accounts linked to ISIS since late 2015. The group also claims to have shut down propaganda websites belonging to the terrorist organization and stolen bitcoin from ISIS accounts.
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“We have to fight back. Everyone can contribute to our efforts and we invite you to help,” the group said in the video. “But you don’t have to hack them. If you stand up against discrimination in your country you harm them much more then by hacking their websites.”
Most recently, the group has been targeting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for what is being called a “hateful and discriminatory campaign .”
feshop-accme cvv-runet

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